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Sunday, December 5, 2021

Get Familiar With Augustine, The Haitian Professional Masseuse Who Give Women Massage And Pleasure (+VIDEOS) » ™

Few days ago, a Masseuse went viral with his unusual style of massaging women especially with them being completely naked.

Well, a lot of people wondered who he is and how he got into the business of being a Professional Masseuse.

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Speaking in a recent interview with a Carlifornia news outlet, the Masseuse who is from Haiti described how he found his passion during difficult times in Haiti.

He explained that he realized that most of the clients who came to him wanted more than just a massage.

” 9 out of 10 people who visited me for a massage wanted something more. So I went to a school in Carlifonia just to learn about the human body and the right places to apply a certain amount of pressure. I don’t just massage my clients, I take away their stress and take them from a bad place to better place”. He stated.

Checkout some of his works below;

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