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Baby goat rescued from irrigation pipe in two-day operation

Aug. 19 (UPI) — Animal rescuers in Arizona said an 8-month-old goat that fell into a 250-foot-long irrigation pipe was rescued at the end of a two-day operation.

The Arizona Humane Society said a Phoenix homeowner contacted the organization Tuesday to report hearing a goat crying underground after a large storm swept through the area.

The goat, which belonged to a neighbor, was found to have fallen into an irrigation pipe, but rescuers were unable to determine where in the 250-foot pipe the goat was situated.

The rescuers returned the following day and attempted to use a snake camera to locate the animal, but they still were not able to pinpoint its location.

“We could not lay eyes on the goat at all, we never saw him before we started chipping away,” AHS medical technician Gracie Watts said in a news release. “We just kind of went by faith as to where we thought he was.”

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The rescuers said it took about three hours of digging and breaking through the pipe before they were able to locate the goat.

“We were never going to quit, but you get to that point where you start telling yourself that this isn’t going to happen,” medical technician Andy Gallo said. “He would’ve drowned down there if we left him.”

The goat was reunited with the rest of its herd.

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