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5 foods that make passing out stool easier


Certain foods and fruits can make the process of passing out food a lot easier if you encounter frequent difficulty.

Constipation makes it difficult for people to pass stool. Constipation can be caused by not eating enough fiber, old age and not having enough physical activity.

There are some food and fruits that serve as laxatives and help you pass stool easier.

Read about that below:

Apples are rich in fiber. They contain pectin that acts as a laxative. Fiber does not digest, and it passes through your intestines and helps the stool form and be regularly expelled. Apples help food digest

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Eating apples provides enough fiber that your body requires.

Beans are a high fiber diet

Beans are high in soluble and insoluble fiber that helps to reduce constipation. Black beans, navy beans and green beans are all good sources of fiber.

Pears also help to reduce the effect of constipation. One medium-sized pear has about six grams of fiber.

Pears also contain sorbitol that adds water into the intestine and helps with bowel movement. Pear helps to ease constipation

Sweet potatoes have vitamins, minerals, and fiber.

Sweet potatoes have helped your body absorb water and thereby softens your stool so you can pass it out easily.

Sweet potatoes have soluble fiber that helps you absorb water and forms a gel-like consistency, softening stool and making it easier to pass.

Citrus fruits like oranges and grapefruits are also rich in fiber. One orange contains 3.7 grams of fiber.

Citrus fruits have soluble fiber like pectic that help to quicken colon movements and aid easy expulsion of stool.

Ultimately, having these foods as part of your diet and eating them regularly will reduce any issue you might have with passing out stool.

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