I was 18 when I met my 65-year-old husband, he had cars – Joyce Boakye


Joyce Boakye is a popular Kumawood actressplay videoJoyce Boakye is a popular Kumawood actress

• Joyce Boakye makes a disclosure about her marriage

• The actress was 18 years when she tied the knot, she says

• Her marriage lasted for 9 years

Popular Kumawood actress Joyce Boakye has disclosed that she got married to a 65-year-old man right after completing her tertiary education.

Emphasizing her decision to marry a man old enough to be her grandfather at age 18, Joyce Boakye said the age difference was not a barrier. According to her, the man lived alone and did everything all by himself, a condition that made her have pity on him.

The controversial actress said they were married for nine solid years until they were struck by a divorce.

“I met my husband right after completing tertiary school. I met him at Okomfo Anokye Teaching hospital. He was a medical doctor working there at the time. I met him when he was 65 years and I was 18 years,” she said in an interview with Delay.

Joyce continued: “He told me he was divorced and had two kids who were residing in the states. He lived in a big mansion at Parakuo Estates in Kumasi at that time and had cars. I started off being his employee. I was helping him supply medicines at various hospitals and we were moving to radio stations to advertise the drugs. We worked for about two years and got married after. We were together for nine years.”

Touching on what led to their split, Joyce Boakye disclosed that stories from a publicity stunt she personally orchestrated affected her marriage.

She said her husband who was at that time a renowned politician complained that his reputation was tainted. He, therefore, sought divorce although he was aware of the said stunt.

“He was spending so much money on producing my movies. He was taking me around the world to shoot movies, investing in quality equipment just so people can patronise my craft. He was just focused on the quality aspect. But I sat him down one day and told him that the Ghanaian movie industry does not thrive on just good-looking or feel-good movies because we spent a lot of money and weren’t seeing any profit,” Joyce recounted.

“I told him that we needed hype so I came up with the idea that we should create a rumour that I have had sex with one of my actors in a toilet facility. I told him that we needed such hype to create a buzz. He agreed but when the stories started coming out, he couldn’t deal with it. He told me his political career is at stake so he filed for a divorce,” Joyce added.

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