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Saturday, November 27, 2021

Abena Korkor Fires A Plus For Insulting Her, Tells Him He Can’t Shut Her With His Loudmouth That Speaks No Sense » ™

Media Personality cum Mental health activist, Abena Korkor has taken on A Plus after he body-shamed her over some accusations she leveled against some top-notch personalities including himself on the gram.

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Abena Korkor hasn’t taken A Plus’s comment lightly after he dedicated a whole live video session for her.

Not long ago, Abena Korkor took to her Instagram page to expose TV3, Sammy Awuku, John Boadu, and also leveled allegations on A Plus that he’s a spy and a snitch.

This didn’t sit down well with the leader of The People’s Project (TTP) A Plus hence he also took to his page to lambast her and body-shamed her that she looks like a provision shop.

Well, Abena Korkor has also taken to her page as she replies to A Plus for unleashing insults on her adding that she can’t be shut by the loudmouth who doesn’t speak sense.

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In a series of posts she wrote, “Sometimes when you carefully observe, people who have a voice and influence on issues in the country are abusive loudmouths.

You speak from a place of hurt knowing I spoke the truth you never thought anyone would dare say to your face. You work for your stomach. I work to feed myself too but I also serve a bigger and destined purpose. You can’t shut me up with your abusive loud mouth. Speaking with no value or weight.

The best you could do is insult me? You have the permission to do so because it speaks to how nonsense has been allowed in this country. Your palms are greased and you owe no loyalty to the country or universe at large. You scare people with spirits, human power, or political power but not me. I only fear God.”

She added “The truth hit you and like a coward and an abuser you had to show your real traits. Come and end my “mad career”.

Whether I live with bipolar or not, the truth is only one. And yes I smoke weed sometimes and so what. I used to have manic episodes before I ever tried it. If not anything it has stabilized me more. Empty barrel rolling and making the most noise.

I am proudly thick and yes I do visit the gym, I have lots of great sex too, the weight will go balance when it’s time 🤣🤣🤣”.

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