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Akumaa Mama Zimbi obviously does not want to be distracted by the unsubstantiated report that links her enviable reputation to the death of the gym instructor, Little who was gunned down days ago.

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In that regard, the renowned sex therapist and radio/TV personality has been spotted having fun on a yacht and shutting down the chaotic brouhaha of Little behind her in one instant in a new video sighted by www.Ghbase.com. 

Recall that details of Little’s death as deduced from a video shared by UTV a few weeks ago reveals that he was shot dead in his house at around 2:00 to 3:00 am by unknown gunmen who arrived with a motorbike.

The report added that the married woman who is yet to be identified (it later came to light that woman is Akumaa Mama Zimbi) was with Little when the unknown gunmen shot and killed him.

Moreover, it emerged that the deceased had been warned severally by those close to him to sever ties with the married woman but he was adamant.

Then again, Facebook celebrity and vlogger Obaa Tiwa revealed days later that Mama Zimbi was indeed the one warming the bed of the deceased and was the principal sugar mummy out of about four older women vying for his attention.

Obaa Tiwaa alleged that the apartment Little was staying in and the motorcycle he was using at the time of his death were all paid for by Mama Zimbi.

She went on to reveal that gospel singer Joyce Blessing and Akumaa Mama Zimbi once had a heated confrontation over Little probably over whose turn it was to receive his thing down there to brush their vajayjay.

Well, as you can see, Akumaa can’t be bothered about any of this whirlwind of gossip surrounding her personality.

Watch how she’s enjoying herself;

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