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Monday, November 29, 2021

Enact law banning religious, traditional leaders from endorsing same sex marriages

He wants churches to be banned, through a law, from endorsing same sex marriages

• A former NDC member says reactions towards members of the LGBTQ+ community need to be streamlined

• Eric Kwesi Taylor rather wants a law banning religious bodies from endorsing the hate culture

• He believes proper laws will address the matter better

A former member of the NDC but now defected to the NPP, Eric Kwesi Taylor, has argued that the country needs to start working at streamlining the angst that people have towards persons who identify with the LGBTQ+ community while working at drafting a workable document to fully address this subject.

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“We need to streamline our ‘hate’ towards LGBTQI+ and think right to make laws that will not threaten human existence or human rights,” he said.

According to him, instead of directing so much hate at these persons, there should rather be a law in place that ensures that our religious bodies and traditional leaders never approve of such unions.

The Founder of the Penyman Foundation explained that this would be the best way of curtailing this menace.

“I think we should rather make laws that ban churches, mosques, courts and the traditional leaders to endorse same-sex marriages. We shouldn’t rush with ego and political hypocrisy that seem to bind an opponent from having the financial reliefs, but rather do it in a more responsible manner,” he added.

He continued that, “The word of God is for teaching, rebuking and corrections, that the sinful man may know the right way and the righteous may guide himself not to be a victim of sin.”

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