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They Have Succeeded In Frustrating You- Social Media React After Efia Odo Gave Up On Fix The Country

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Social media users are reacting to a post by social media influencer Efia Odo suggesting she has given up on the agenda of wanting a better Ghana.

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Recall Efia Odo and some other social media influencers started a hashtag (FixTheCountry) on social media mounting pressure on the current Nana Addo government to better the lives of the Ghanaian people and the economy in general.

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The hashtag gained a lot of attention on the various social media platforms with many users joining in just after a couple of days. The conveners of the protest decided to take it further by demonstrating on the streets of Accra, a move that generated a lot of tension between them and the Accra Regional Police Command.

In a new post on her official Twitter page, Efia Odo revealed that she will be minding her business from now on after many users criticize her choice of language whenever complaining about the ‘bad’ things happening in the country.

Check out the post below and some of the reactions from some social media users;

Y’all getting duped over year in and year out and all you care is about my choice of language. Make this make sense. Imma just mind my business from now on for real.

[email protected]_bryt·Replying to @Efiaodo1They’ve succeeded in frustrating u huh. I always knew u will give up at a point. These people are just not worth dying. The people u are fighting for today will be the same people that will one day shout “punish her punish her”. My sist you’ve done ur best wai.

[email protected]·Replying to @Efiaodo1We don’t need attention to be relevant,so if you mind your business we don’t care because there are so many celebrities to follow. Bye

𝖔𝖇𝖊𝖓™@Oben_2020·Replying to @Efiaodo1You can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. Find a comfortable couch in the living room and watch them.

[email protected]·Replying to @Efiaodo1You care so much for people, you can’t mind your business as long as you care…

SlipnSlide @eexit_bit·Replying to @Efiaodo1Twene Jonas dey insult . How do we get mad over insults more than we do about corruption

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