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Monday, November 29, 2021

CSIR MAG Partners Media to Advance Agriculture and Science Technologies

The Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) with support from the Canadian government through the Modernization of Agriculture in Ghana (MAG) program has organized a “Partnership Session” for journalists in the Ashanti Region.

The session was to help bridge the gap between the CSIR and journalists with the aim of forming a partnership to highlight the activities of the Council in the media.

Ag. Director of CSIR-Soil Research Institute, Dr. Edward Yeboah, shared the Council’s strategic plan which has a goal of promoting accelerated national socio-economic development through research and innovation, technology transfer and training in partnership with the media, private and public sectors.

He said one of the seven strategic thrusts, namely; CSIR Rebranding and Corporate Visibility Improvement, will need the support of the media to disseminate innovative research outputs to stakeholders.

Deputy Director of CSIR-Crops Research Institute Prof. (Mrs.) Marian Quain, encouraged journalists to develop an interest in science journalism.

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Head of Corporate Affairs, CSIR Benedicta Nkrumah-Boateng took the participants through the history of CSIR’s relationship with the media; the vision, objectives and significant achievements in her presentation titled ‘CSIR and the MEDIA, Our Powerful past, our promising present, our prosperous future’.

She reiterated CSIR’s keen interest in developing stronger relations with the media with the creation of a media corps.

“The process has started with selected media houses in Accra and following this engagement, “Ambassadors” will be established for the Middle and Northern sectors of Ghana” she stated.

“Together, we will work to educate the public about technologies, innovations and services provided by CSIR.”

MAG is a budgetary support program extended to Ghana by Government of Canada. The program provides resources to support the delivery of agricultural advisory services to subsistence farmers and farmer groups in Ghana.

The ultimate outcome is a more modern, equitable and sustainable agricultural sector that contributes to food security.

Communications Advisor CSIR/MAG Donald Gwira shared the acronyms commonly used by CSIR.
He also reiterated the point about CSIR being addressed as a Center by sections of the public instead of a Council. This is a sore point for the Council because a Centre connotes a small and insignificant entity.

There was also an exhibition stand where the Institutes displayed their crop varieties, technologies and services offered.

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