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Pollution blamed after nearly 200 Algerian beachgoers hospitalised

Algiers, Algeria – Nearly 200 people were hospitalised briefly after swimming on Sunday in seawater suspected to have been polluted at Tenes in northwestern Algeria, local authorities and media said.

Three beaches and a desalination plant have been closed and an investigation launched in Chlef, a locality that includes Tenes, the reports said.

Local government official Lakhdar Seddas told the privately owned Echourouk TV channel that the victims “suffered nausea, fever and redness of the eyes and were taken to hospital”, but all were later discharged.

There was local confusion over the possible cause.

“The victims, all bathers at the central beach in Tenes, might have inhaled a gas which quickly spread due to the prevailing wind on Sunday afternoon,” local health official Nasreddine Benkartalia said, quoted by the official APS news agency.

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Seddas said that the “most plausible” explanation centred on a spill from a ship carrying livestock that had recently arrived at Tenes port.

Another theory touted locally is that toxic algae could be to blame.

Twenty-eight divers and seven civil defence workers who were sent to investigate were also reported to have become unwell.

An official statement said an environment ministry team had taken air and water samples from the port at Tenes, beaches and other locations.

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