Berla Mundi Calls For The Wrath Of Ghanaians With Her Latest Post

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Ghanaian media personality, Berla Mundi has made a post that has gotten most Ghanaians heavily descending on her.

was about a man expecting his wife who goes to work as early as 6 am and closes at 7 pm to prepare dinner for him.

Many people who shared their thoughts didn’t agree with her and as the post got some varied views.

she made reads;

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“Your wife leaves home for work at 6am, returns at 7pm. You still expect her to make you dinner?”

Read some comments to post got below;

@Sonofamafia – Berla I married a wife and not a business tycoon so yes, I still expect her to make me dinner!
And I better not close from work before her tho

@KinBunch – Your husband leaves home for work at 6am, returns at 7pm. You still expect him to be good in bed?

@Daisybabyluv1 – It’s better to make the soups during weekend and store in a refrigerator for him. It’s also good to marry an understanding and loving man

@Mrkakutey – My wife need to teach me how to cook very well… whoever comes home early do the cooking. In fact we’ll be sharing the house chores 60/40. But that special dinner di33 ago take am…no mater how tired she’ll be

@ChristDeKing – She can do the stew and soup during the weekend. When I close from work, I’ll come and cook my rice or buy kenkey and eat with the it And sometimes to you can go out and have a dinner.

@Edward_Onoriode – My wife prepare various soups and store in the refrigerator. If I return from work before her, I make either Simon or Eba, fetch the soup we all agreed to eat for dinner. If you’re complaining of simple things like this, then you’re not ready for marriage mostly when kids come.

@Arrizabalaga146 – That’s why you’re not marry because the same situation happens to you guy’s” you left at home 5:00am and return to home 7:00pm

@nikkirubylina – And the annoying thing is you’ll meet them in the house waiting for your tired self to come and cook for them. Your wife and not a slave

@Kafui_Yaw – We cook on weekends and store in the in freezer. When I come back before her, I just call her, tell her what I have cooked. If she prefers something else like say yam, I will boil it for her. I will eat my rice and stew in peace and leave her food warm until she returns.

@TheManBrooks – Why make this a big deal? Cooking isn’t a gender-linked chore. When I’m home, I would cook even before my wife gets back. When she’s home, she does it, simple. When we are both late, we place order from an eatery even before we get home. The most important thing is, we must eat!

@djblinkzgh – But Berla, as you are single now, when u return from work, no matter how tired you are, dont u cook for yourself?? or u always buy food?? what if you are a single parent?? are u going to always buy food from outside because you are tired??

@ever_greatness – Reason why women are not supposed to let’s make plenty money n take care of them

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