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Wednesday, May 18, 2022

‘Disregard Any Information About Castro’s Been Declared Dead’

The publicist for Ghanaian multiple award-winning singer, Jaidy Derby popularly known as Ghpromoter has reacted to news making waves online on how some blogs and social media pages keep sharing fake news on Castro’s issue.

The unfortunate incident which took place seven years ago when both him and Ghanaian footballer Asamoah went on a holiday in Aqua Safari is yet to be addressed once again by any court.

The team and families of both Castro and Janet Bandu are yet to comment on the rumors.

We shall keep you updated.

In 2019, Jaidy Derby have added his voice on #BeyonceShatta collaboration which seems to be the most talked about topic in the world of entertainment in Africa. In a Facebook & Twitter post he said

In as much it took the whole world by surprise upon hearing about Beyoncé featuring Shatta Wale on her album ‘The Lion King -The Gift’ which has the likes of Wizkid , JAY-Z, Kendrick, Blue Ivy, Burna Boy , Childish Gambino & many more. Couple of interviews I watched Beyoncé referred to the new record as a “love letter to Africa… So getting all those top African artistes was a MUST and will go a long way to project our music to the world in a positive way and I pray it attract investors..

Anyways let me go straight to the reason why am here! In my own opinion I think Shatta Wale was far ‘better’ than Beyoncé on her own song and here are my reasons

Instrumentation : Looking at the beat which happens to be a typical Shatta Wale kind of beat and this made him dominate 80% of it by making sure he deliver and Yes he was able to ..

Lyrics & Style : Maybe it me or my ears , I have a feel that the song was originally written by Shatta Wale (Ask me why) with the style of our dancehall king he was at ease and it makes no difference from his usual style.

These are my observation so far after listening to the song for 19 minutes 38 seconds.. but let me be too quick to add that , His management should mount pressure for an official video since it will rather sell his image more ..

In all it a normal song and personally there isn’t any wow factor about it, just that the Beyoncé brand effect is doing the magic

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