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Friday, January 28, 2022

Palestinian Envoy Seeks Chief Imam’s Prayers

National Chief Imam, Sheikh Osman NuhuSharubutu

The Palestinian Ambassador in Ghana, Abdul Fattah Al-Sattari, yesterday paid a courtesy call on the National Chief Imam, Sheikh Osman NuhuSharubutu, during which he asked the cleric to pray for peace in Palestine.

His request comes on the heels of the recent artillery fire launched by Israeli forces and barrages of rockets fired from Gaza.

A truce is holding now but observers think with the principal issue of a two-state solution remaining outstanding, it would not be long before a resumption of hostilities is recorded.

The envoy asked the Chief Imam to ask imams across the country to say special prayers to Allah for the people of Palestine to as he put it “lessen their sufferings and bring finality to the conflict.”

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He also called on the rest of the world to give attention to the rights of all people living under suppression and oppression.

To those living in peace, he asked that they pray for the easing of the burden of a section of humanity living in servitude.

Last week, the envoycalled on Ghanaians to join the global wave of civil actions to end the oppression of Palestinians under Israeli occupation.

He wants Ghanaians to speak up against what he called the “Israeli apartheid system” and the country’s undignified treatment of human beings, indicating that Palestinians had suffered for more than 73 years in the hands Israel.

The ambassador said there had been increased arrest of Palestinian youth, incessant encroachment of its territory by Israel, which continues “to build illegal settlements” and “controls movement of citizens” in their own country.

Mr. Sattari intimated that this had forced over six million Palestinians to flee the country, stating that “they want to make life unbearable for us. They want to control our dream, control our water, control our economy, control our agriculture and our lives, and this is the worst occupation in history.”

In an interaction with some journalists in Accra on Wednesday, the ambassador explained that ongoing confrontation between Palestinians and Israeli government hinged on four factors.

These factors, he said, included Israel’s disapproval for Palestinians in East Jerusalem to take part in the postponed general election which was slated for May 22, 2021.

According to him, the Israeli government’s attempt to displace 20 Palestinian families in the Sheikh Jarrah province in order to make way for illegal settlements, prevention of worshippers in the month of Ramadan from praying in Al Aqsa mosque which is the third holiest Muslim site, and the “Kill the Arabs” demonstrations in East Jerusalem, are among the issues.

He noted that the 11-day bombardment had left about 220 Palestinian dead and revealed that the number comprised 63 children, 36 women and 16 aged persons.

  By A.R. Gomda, Issah Mohammed


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