Government lied, our phones were cloned – #FixtheCountry conveners insist

National Security Minister, Albert Kan-Dapaah

The Ministry of National Security has said claims by a convener of the #FixtheCountry protest that his phone has been cloned are “baseless and false.”

Oliver Barker-Vormanor alleged that his phone was cloned after depositing it at the ministry’s reception during a meeting.

In a statement, the ministry said the public should disregard the allegations, adding: “The Ministry has no basis to and did not tamper with the phones of the convener.”

“In the publication, one Oliver Barker-Vormanor, a convener of the #FixtheCountry campaign alleged that operatives of the Ministry of National Security coerced conveners into a meeting with Cabinet.”

But speaking in an interview on the Happy Morning Show HMS with Samuel Eshun, one of the conveners of the #FixtheCountry campaign, Adatsi Brownson is insisting that the government is not telling the truth. “We don’t know how they are actually spying or accessing the information on our devices; we don’t know how but the only thing we know is that our calls and everything has been diverted to a number and that number is actually monitoring our colleague’s phone.”

The Attorney General came out to said that we didn’t leave our phones at the reception but went into the meeting with them (phone). Now, the information minister has also come out to say our phones were left at the reception and was not tampered with or was not cloned; so you see two different views here and it clearly shows that these people do not know what they are telling the public or do not know what they are doing. Members of the same government are saying different things. The government is telling lies; our phones were cloned.”

However, the organizers of the #FixTheCountry campaign embarked on a virtual protest on Sunday, May 9.

Their new approach follows an injunction placed on their planned protest on the streets of Accra on Sunday.