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#FixTheCountry: Coronavirus has ‘damaged’ our economy so don’t expect too much

Dr. Sam Worlanyo Mensah says convernors of the campaign must be measured in their expectationsDr. Sam Worlanyo Mensah says convernors of the campaign must be measured in their expectations

An economist Dr. Sam Worlanyo Mensah, has advised the convenors of the ‘FixTheCountry’ campaign to measure their expectations considering the negative effects of the Covid-19 outbreak on the Ghanaian economy.

He told Nyankonton Mu Nsem on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm that we need to conduct an interim assessment as Ghanaians to see the strength and weaknesses of the local economy.

He said there is the need to make a sober reflection as to the effect of the Covid-19 as well as that of the global economy.

He was worried several Ghanaians are unaware of the effects of the Covid-19 on the global economy, which has invariably affected our economy.

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Dr. Mensah quickly added that it is the constitutional right of people to demonstrate to show their displeasure on the challenges confronting the economy.

He said by and large looking at the economy of Ghana in perspective, our economy is doing quite well and most better than other African economies.

He stressed we need to appreciate what the government is doing although, I believe there is much more to be done.

The economist said we should address the gaps in the economy since we need resources to construct roads, expand ports and harbours, complete railway projects, complete landing projects.

”We need a lot more resources and so invariably if you are compelling the government not to borrow, then it would not be proper,” he added.

He called for a total overhaul of the system through a collective approach.

Taking on political leaders, he said our leaders promise heaven on earth during campaigns when they know the realities on the ground.

He called for caution of promises during political campaigns to meet the economic situation in the country.

He also called for a comprehensive policy to help small and medium scale enterprises so they will bounce back from the Covid-19 shocks.

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