Deploy soldiers to fight sanitation problems – Nana Romeo to govt

Entertainment of Monday, 10 May 2021

Source: Class FM


Nana Romeo, host of Accra100.5FM’s mid-morning show Ayeeko Ayeeko

Nana Romeo, the host of Accra100.5FM’s mid-morning show Ayeeko Ayeeko, has called on the government to assign soldiers to the various parts of the country to ensure that citizens do not litter or dispose of waste indiscriminately.

This, according to the Ayeeko Ayeeko show host, will reduce filth in our surroundings.

Reacting to the rate at which filth has engulfed the country, especially the major cities, he said: “I appeal to government to deploy the soldiers especially those mainly resident in the camps to monitor citizens who litter the environment with plastic waste and other forms of waste. The soldiers should sanction those found culpable to serve as a deterrent to others”.

“It will also help us reduce or even get rid of filth completely around us,” he further noted.

He bemoaned how the country’s major drainage systems are filled with filth, chiefly from plastic waste and its attendant implications.