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Afia Schwar calls out Land Commission, Birth and Death Registry, Passport Office; ask them to fix their corrupt attitudes [Video] » ™

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Afia Schwarzenegger believes until the attitudes of Ghanaians are fixed, the hues and cry over the “Fix The Country” mantra is already dead on arrival.

Why is she saying that?

Well, Afia Schwar believes State Institutions are a microcosm of the Ghanaians attitude which have been ridden with corruption and bribery since their establishment and are bent on treating Ghanaians with favouritism and nepotism.

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Ranting on Kingdom FM, Afia Schwar called out these institutions she believes are neck-deep in corruption and exhibit attitudes that hinder the growth and development of the nation.

According to her, the Land Commission, Birth and Death Registry, Passport Office etc are some of the state institutions which have institutionalized corruption and over the years have rendered poor and selfish service to the people of Ghana.

Afia Schwar intimated that until you pay your way through these offices, they are unable to render you the service you deserve. This phenomenon, Afia Schwar believes need to stop if Ghanaians indeed want to “Fix The Country.”

“Until these attitudes are changed and we start to police each other, the “Fix The Country” campaign is just a hoax which will amount to not,’ she said.

Check Out Video Below:


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