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GES to investigate alleged physical torture at Ho Anglican JHS

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The Ghana Education Service is set to launch an investigation into reports of persistent and barbaric physical torture meted out on students by teachers at the Ho Anglican JHS.

Recent reports indicate that teachers in some schools in the region have been brutally abusing students by canning them.

According to some students, they are tortured by teachers in the school which is very bearable putting fear in them all the time.

One female student mentioned that, a teacher Mr Godwin Ahaibli is one of the culprits who put them through serious torture. She narrated that, the teacher caned her about a week ago which left one of her fingernails falling off.

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A few minutes later she was rushed to the school’s mission house for first aid but she is unable to wash her clothes nor cook at home for days as a result of the excruciating pain in her middle finger.

A visit by Ghanaian Times Journalist the following morning to the school to confirm the physical torture proved positive.

Upon his arrival, the science teacher Mr Ahiabli was whipping some students on the campus.

When he was questioned on why he was subjecting the students to so much physical torture, Mr Ahiabli said “this is not physical torture.”

The headmistress Madam Evelyn Siayor in an interview with the Journalist said, “the use of cane was not a punitive measure endorsed by the school.”

When asked whether she is aware of the torture the teacher was putting the students into, the headmistress was not able to explain why the science teacher was beating the students.

Presenting the evidence to the Regional Director of Education, Madam Enyonam Afi Amafuga, she noted that, the authority will investigate the issue and act accordingly.

“We surely set up a committee to look into the matter,” she said.

However, she noted that the canning of students had been long banned in schools in the country by the GES and it is unlawful for any teacher to beat any students.

“We expect the teacher to appear before the committee without delay” she added.

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