Nature will never forgive Agradaa

Nana Agradaa, former fetish priestess now evangelist

Ghanaian controversial speaker Kwaku Peprah popularly known as Quotation master has disclosed that everyone in the country can decide to forgive former fetish priestess now evangelist Nana Agradaa but nature will never forgive her.

In an interview with Rev Nyansa Boakwa on Happy 98.9 FM’s NsemPii he said, “Because of her someone committed suicide, someone’s child dropped out of school because of her and you tell me nature will forgive her?” he asked.

According to him, she is about to experience an amount of fire in her life that nothing can quench because of the pain she has brought into the lives of others.

He mentioned that the problem with some Christians is that, “they take advantage of the fact that Christ said he came for sinners so, they sin all they want and later come back claiming to have repented because they know God will accept them and this is exactly what Agradaa has done”.

“After duping lots of people and making money to her satisfaction she is claiming repentance but I just want her to remember, that even if everyone forgives her, nature will never forgive her and everything she did to people will definitely bounce back to her”.

Quotation master went on to say that what many did not know was that the former fetish priestess was fake right from the beginning but, we failed to accept it.

“If she really wanted to repent, she wouldn’t have waited to get arrested before making the decision to repent and this alone should tell Ghanaians how fake she is”he said.

His final words to her was, “She should brace herself because no spirit or title can stop nature from dealing with her because every spirit works under nature so she should just get ready to pay the price for everything she did”.