Hilarious Moments A Nurse Failed To Answer A Simple Question During An Interview [Video]

The English language does not only entail speaking but the understanding of the language itself. Sometimes, you might come across someone who is very good at speaking the language with all the big words there is but in the end, it appears they do not understand the language.

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A video is fast trending on social media which captures the hilarious moments a nurse was asked a simple question during an interview but disgraced herself after failing to answer it correctly.

In the video, the nurse was seen in the company of another friend in the studios of TV3 in a one-on-one interview with Emmanuel Samani.

During the interview, Samani quizzed the nurse “How did we get here”?. Well, this is an idiomatic expression which means what inspired their decision to stage the demo.

The question simply means why are they staging the protest and how far they have gotten with the protest, as to whether after exhausting all means to have their frustrations known, it has yielded the expected results.

The nurse shocked the viewer following her inability to understand the question and answering it as such.

She thought she was being asked how she got into the studios for the interview. According to her, she appealed to a friend of hers who works at the media house to assist them in getting their voice heard through an interview.

Well, this brings us to the question that, how are nurses being trained in their various Nursing schools? This has raised concerns as to whether they are being trained to deliver proper services since communication is a vital key in their profession.

Watch the video below:

Source: Ghgossip.com