Trigmatic suggests how artistes can grow in the Ghanaian music industry

Entertainment of Saturday, 1 May 2021

Source: Happy 98.9FM


Trigmatic is a Ghanaian singer, rapper and songwriter

Ghanaian singer, rapper and songwriter, Trigmatic, has suggested a few tips for Ghanaian artistes to follow so that they can grow more in the music industry.

Interviewed on Happy98.9FM’s Ayekoo After-Drive Show, he said to host, Doctar Cann that Ghana is blessed with a lot of talents. However, these young talents need to be supported so that they can gain the needed attention and attain the heights they deserve.

“Also, the musicians need to pick each other up to polish themselves and their crafts. I think globally, the market is big. Cote d’Ivoire is close to us, Togo is close, Benin is close and we haven’t tapped into all these markets yet. Nigeria is not the only market”, he said.

Trig noted that there are huge markets like Malawi, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Zambia and a many others who are still ripe and waiting to hear West African sounds specifically from Ghana, hence, artistes should push each other out there.

“Don’t feel you’re left out because you’re not. Find your niche, give them what they want and keep it going. Live simple and modest and tomorrow will provide for itself”, the artiste further conluded.