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Thursday, January 20, 2022

“Don’t You Have Shame!? –  Uhuru Bardman Hits Hard At Bishop Heward Mills For ‘Maltreating’ Light House Junior Pastors   » ™

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Bishop Dag Heward of Light House Chapel International fame has become the talk of Ghana following the revelation that his junior pastors are treated poorly.

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The issue onboard is that 6 pastors working under Bishop Dag Heward Mills have quit their job as junior pastors over the unfair treatment meted to them by the Bishop.

According to them, for over 40 years, Bishop has never paid their SSNIT due and even making sure their salaries are paid on time.

This made them quit the job and called out their Bishop to do the needful before they drag him to court.

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And as a result, critical thinking Ghanaians were expecting Bishop Dag Heward to come out and apologize accordingly for maltreating his junior pastors.

However, Bishop Dag Heward Mills for reasons best known to him blasted his aggrieved junior pstors and referred them to the principle in the New Testament where Jesus laid his life down for everyone but not given.

And this comment by Bishop Dag Heward Mills has infuriated netizens especially Uhuru Bardman who in his response blasted the acclaimed man of God saying ‘Wrong timing for this kinda fuckin tweet. . . Or you don’t have any sense of shame?

Uhuru Bardman hits hard at Bishop Dag Heward Mills

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