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“By Now You In Dumsor & Don’t Have Water To Bath But You Online Attacking Someone”- Lydia Forson Slams Critics

Outspoken Ghanaian actress and feminist Ms Lydia Forson has slammed critics who always attacks on her for her consistently criticizing the government.

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The actress is best known for not only on the big screens but also as a social commentator who is not afraid to share her thoughts on activities in the society such as governance, politics, entertainment, human rights, etc.

She has been a consistent critic of any government in power if she feels or see things are not going according to plans on her various social media sites and other platforms, but has also been under several attacks by ‘supporters’ of these governments on social media.

It appears her posts on politics and governance is often met with hatred from the people in power as they see her as belonging to the opposite party or rival.

As most party supporters attacks her sometimes under her own post on social media, Lydia Forson has also hit back on them in what best describes them as ‘hypocrites’.

She stated people should stop asking her about the part she plays in improving the growth and development of this country. She said she in not a member of parliament or the president to construct roads but as a citizen, she is doing here part by criticizing the government on its malfunctioning.

She added most of these people are normally hungry, don’t even have water to bath and sometimes, in dumsor but will come on social media to attack someone who just wants best for them.

Listen I’m not an elected official oh, I’m not your president- I’m just a citizen who does her part. I don’t owe you roads, hospitals, water or electricity. You elected someone to do that for you, so stop asking me what my contribution is whenever I demand better for us.

By now you’re in dumsor, hungry and don’t have water to bath sef but you’re online attacking someone for asking for better for YOU? Gyimii nkoaaaa

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SOURCE: GhGossip.com

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