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Susan Sarandon will date anyone but only if they’ve been vaccinated against Covid-19

By Bang Showbiz Time of article publishedMar 13, 2021

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Susan Sarandon is “open to all age, all colour” when it comes to dating and “doesn’t care” if her next partner is male or female.

The 74-year-old actress insisted she’s happy to consider anyone as a potential partner, so long as they are “adventuresome” – and have been vaccinated against coronavirus.

Speaking to Caroline Stanbury on her ‘Divorced Not Dead’ podcast about what she’s looking for, she said: “Someone who’s been vaccinated for Covid-19.

“I don’t care if it’s a man or a woman. I mean, I’m open to all age, all colour. And those for me, those things are just details. But what I’m interested in is someone who wants to be adventuresome.”

And the ‘Lovely Bones’ actress wants to date someone who is “passionate about what they do” and are not “intimidated” by her success.

She said: “They could be a school teacher, or they could be a writer or they could be successful or not successful…somebody who owns themselves and isn’t gonna be intimidated by people coming up to [me] on the street and saying, ‘Oh my God, I love you.’”

However, Susan admitted it would “take someone extraordinary” for her to consider embarking on another relationship as she’s very content by herself.

She said: “I’m kind of getting off on being by myself. I think I’m pretty open to the idea of being with someone, but, you know, it certainly would take someone extraordinary to share my medicine cabinet at this point. I think that that those days are over.

The ‘Feud: Bette and Joan’ star’s longest relationship, with actor Tim Robbins – the father of her sons Jack, 31, and Miles, 28, ended in 2009 after 21 years and she admitted they reached a point where they took one another for granted.

Susan – who also has daughter Eva Amurri with filmmaker Franco Amurri – reflected: “I just always was afraid of taking each other for granted because you’re married, you know, waking up in the morning and having to recommit.

“But of course, after awhile in a relationship if you get a bunch of kids and a bunch of real estate and you’ve been together for 20-some – you do, I mean it’s hard not to take each other for granted,’ said Susan, who was with Tim for 21 years.”

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