What Is Photosynthesis? – Dr. Lykee Explains Photosynthesis To Abeiku Santana » ™

Current internet sensation, Dr. Lykee has got fans, listeners and viewers laughing real hard once again.

Dr. Lykeee since converting and rebranding from a ‘killer’ actor to a comic actor has got the attention of people the more.

His comic skits is the talk of the town, and every where you pass on social media, there’s a skit of him there.

Engaging with his fans, Dr. Lykeee has gone on a few interviews, one of his recent interviews was with Abeiku Santana, where he quizzed him, what is photosynthesis.

Lykeee fumbling for some seconds switched to his comic side and gave a hilarious reaction and answer which got everyone around and home laughing real hard.

Video below;



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