Okyeame Kwame reveals why he has not involved himself in the Kumerican movement » ™

Rapper Okyeame Kwame in the studios of YFM with NYDJ said he has no intention of influencing the Kumerican movement as it’s being circulated.

To him, he hopes to inspire and motivate the young people who started this movement, as he plays the background.

“I am going to properly join the Kumerican movement. We are working on it. There is something coming up. I am going to join it at the business level, at the cultural, and at the unifying front level.

There are things that if you try to influence, you will make distasteful. This thing has been done by young people. They should be allowed to own it. They should be allowed to take the credit for it. They should be allowed to do whatever it is that they want with it. The whole movement belongs to young people. They must be praised. We need to go behind them and not in front of them. We need to go behind them with guidance and motivation so that it will last long. We are not there to take their shine”, he stated.

Addressing rumours that his new song ‘Yeeko’ is a means to jump on the Kumerican movement to claim the origination of the movement, Okyeame Kwame shared that it is never his intention to take attention from the Kumerican rappers. Rather it is to give them support.



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