Election petition: Supreme Court Timelines for parties

(1) The petitioner and witness shall file witness statements with exhibits if any by the noon of Thursday, January 21, 2020.

(2)The witness statement shall be served on the counsel for the respondent by the close of Thursday, January 21.

(3) The respondents and the witnesses if any shall file their witness statement with exhibits if any by the close of the day on Friday “, January 22, 2020

(4) a. The first and second respondents shall file submissions on the preliminary objections raised to the petition by 12 noon of January, 22.

b. The registrar shall ensure service of submission by close of Friday, January 22.

c. The petitioner shall file any response to the submission of the preliminary objection by Monday, Jan 25.

d. The registrar shall ensure service of the petitioner’s response by close of Monday, January 25

(e) Ruling on the preliminary objection will be incorporated in the final judgement of the court.


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