Agya Koo Plotted His Own Downfall In The Industry-CEO, Miracle Films Reveals

Kumawood Movie Producer and the CEO of Miracle Films, Samuel Nyamekye has revealed that the downfall and the irrelevancy of Actor, Agya Koo in the movie industry is a result of his own doing, adding that no one has a hand in it but him.

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Recall, the Celebrated Actor made some allegations against some movie producers whom he claimed to be the reason for his downfall in the movie industry.

He said that they conspired to cut hi off scenes making him irrelevant in the movie industry.

Speaking in an interview on Angel FM, Samuel Nyamekye trashed all the allegations leveled against them by the actor.

However, he acknowledged the fact that Agya Koo has been one of the most talented actors the industry has ever seen. He said that Ghanaians did not like to purchase movies if Agya Koo was not featured in them.

“Ike, the issue is we (producers), directors and the actors had a meeting to discuss how to work effectively when Agya Koo is not in Ghana. Agya Koo was a very good actor and Ghanaians always bought movies which he has featured Agya Koo because without Agya Koo they won’t buy the movie,” he said.

“Due to that, Agya Koo became popular even outside Ghana so sometimes Ghanaians in other countries will invite him for shows and movies. When he (Agya Koo) travels, Kumawood producers, directors and actors cannot work because we have to wait for Agya Koo to come,” he explained.

Samuel Nyamekye said they had a meeting to device a way to work effectively with or without Agya Koo, that is if he is not in Ghana.

“We the producers decided to take a risk and the risk was to work without Agya Koo. That is when he is not in Ghana, we can still work but when he is not in Ghana then we can’t work without him. So, the meeting was to meet the actors to reduce their price so that we can use them to take the risk but not to sideline Agya Koo”, he added.

Alex Adu Kofi, popularly known as Agya Koo has been one of the most prominent actors we have in Ghana. He started his journey as a comedian at the famous Concert Party and later started featuring in movies which gave him exposure to the entertainment world and became the best Comic Actor Ghana has ever seen.



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