Until Ghanaians Accept Me As The Messiah, Ghana Will Never Prosper-Nyame Somafo Yaw Says

Self-Acclaimed “Messiah and the Founder of the Asomedwee Ntonton Nkabom, Nyame Somafo Yaw has declared himself as the “Messiah” and stated that the only way for Ghana to see progress is by accepting him as such.

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In an interview with Amasan Krakye at h is Rabbi Festival, Nyame Somafo Yaw said that the only reason Ghanaians are doubting him as the “Messiah” is that he is dark skin but if he was to be white, they would have easily believed him.

Nyame Somafo Yaw is trying to imply that the reason why the country is facing a lot of challenges in various sectors is that they have refused to accept him for who he claims to be(The Messiah).

He further said that until the leaders in the country come to him and accept him as the true “Messiah”, the country will continue to be in its worst state.

Source: ghgossip.com


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