Fella Makafui nearly breaks her ankle while showing off her new outfit in a video

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A new video of the bizarre moment when actress and entrepreneur, Fella Makafui almost broke her leg has hit social media.

The wife of the rapper Medikal who virtually lives her life on social media in a new post on Instagram nearly twisted her ankles while talking a walk in some new heels she bought for herself.

With a beautiful sparkly dress to match, Fella took a walk away from the camera just for the gram but almost tripped on her way.

In a loud shout, Medikal who was her paparazzi for the day shrieked in fear that she had been hurt.

However, Fella still went ahead to post the video on her Instagram for her fans to have a look.


Along with the video, the actress posted some pictures of herself in her new outfit, and she looked amazing in it.


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