Wendy Shay Lambasts Keche Joshua For Saying She Is Depressed And On Drugs

Rufftown Records signee, Wendy Addo, well known as Wendy Shay has slammed a member of the Keche Musical Duo, Keche Joshua after he claimed she was depressed and abusing hard drugs.

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Earlier, Wendy Shay released a video where she was addressing issues between herself and Delay and on why she decided to unfollow everyone on Instagram. In the video, the singer looked as if she is going through a lot.

In reaction to that, Keche Joshua revealed in a video that t Wendy Shay was on drugs and added that she is going through some depression but he was seen laughing at the end of the video which implies he was mocking Wendy Shay.

Wendy Shay has reacted to Keche Joshua’s video as she descends on him for mocking her in his viral video.

The “Astalavista” hitmaker who obviously did not like the allegations Keche Joshua made lambasted him and asked him if he is not ashamed of himself.

Wendy Shay added that the worst will be done to his daughter and stressed that she is not on drugs and not going through any sort of depression.

She took to her Twitter and wrote; kecheJoshua are you not ashamed of yourself?.your Wife shd be ashamed of you ..an old artist mocking a fellow young artist who is a woman They will do the worst things to your daughter For your Info I’m not on drugs and I’m not going thru anything Hater! #bringbackprayfortheworld

See the screenshot below:

Source: ghgossip.com


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