We offer a range of advertising options to suit most budgets and you can be sure that your advert is reaching a highly targeted audience.

Special coverage
We can also create a dedicated advertorial page on , with a linking advert on the home page, to give in-depth coverage of such items as major new product launches. Contact us  to discuss options.

Sponsored Post Request
We also offer sponsored post services. The post will be filed in a respective category based on the post’s niche and not a sponsored category. We ensure that your post is filed under a befitting category other than a sponsored. All sponsored post will blend in with our regular post so it cannot be detected a such.

All adverts can contain links to your website.

Booking periods
The minimum booking period is one month.

Six-month bookings receive a 15% discount.

12-month bookings receive a 20% discount.

Units & Formats

The diverse range of available advertising formats (standard IAB units) include:

  • Fullbanner — 468×60 (across the top of any page)
  • Small Rectangle — 230×100 (in right column of the homepage)
  • Skyscraper — 120×600 or 160×600 (in right column of any section-front page)
  • Medium Rectangle — 300×250 (in the right column, buttom and accross pages)
  • Leaderboard — 728×90 (across the buttom of any page)
  • Sponsored links — two lines of text, up to 65 characters per line (across the top of any page)

Invoices for the full amount of a booking will be issued, with payment due within 30 days of date of invoice.

How do you Advertise?
To advertise or to get more information please fill the form
[contact-form-7 id=”314912″ title=”Contact form 1″] or send an email to inf… and we would then send you details of available slots and durations.