‘Guru Is A Timeless Hitmaker’

Ghanaian entertainment critic, Mr Logic has shared his thoughts about the brouhaha between Kuami Eugene and Guru.

It could be recalled that Kuami Eugene and Guru were in the news a few days ago and it was from the fact that Kuami Eugene snubbed Guru when he asked him for a collaboration.

There have been some talks about the incident and in his recent submission on Hitz FM, Mr Logic said;

“I think this issue is becoming unpleasant, collaboration disapprovals and all. When someone turns down your collaboration, it’s either the person doesn’t want to work with you or your money or style is not enough.

It is hypocritical for Kuami Eugene to say he wouldn’t collaborate with anyone who has disrespected his boss, especially if he previously asked for a collaboration from Guru.

I am not on the side of Guru, Kuami Eugene or Richie. I am dealing with the issue. The three of them are all at fault.

Guru does not need collaboration. Let’s be real. Let’s be careful. We are talking about Guru here o. Guru is a timeless hitmaker.

Guru should not be bitter. Neither should Kuami Eugene or Richie.”