Don’t blame Nana Addo for Buhari’s incompetence- Medikal schools Yvonne Nelson

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Medikal jumped to the defense of Akuffo Addo, suggesting that the President’s silence over the #ENDSARS brutality does not mean he has not taken any action behind the scene.

Trending all over social media are stories of the brutalities that have gone on in Nigeria in the past day amid #ENSARS protests.

The Lekki Massacre has particularly been condemned as protesters were shot dead by security forces in Lekki in Lagos State.

Footage seen all over social media shows even more killings going on as the army have been deployed against civilians who only wanted their voices to be heard.

A number of celebrities, both African and International, have condemned the ongoing fatalities and have pledged their support to the Nigerian youth front lining the entire movement against police brutality.

Internationally recognized figures like Beyonce, Ja Rule, Big Sean, Nicki Minaj, and Hilary Clinton have all called for an end to the chaos by tweeting in support of the Nigerian youth.

Meanwhile, Ghanaian celebrities including Efia Odo, Lydia Forson, Berla Mundi, Sandra Ankobiah, and Yvonne Nelson have questioned the President of Ghana’s silence over the entire issue.


Berla Mundi with her tweet asked President Akuffo Addo to step in.

Berla Mundi post
Berla Mundi post

Actress Lydia Forson sarcastically asked the President if there were any updates from the ECOWAS.

Lydia Forson tweet
Lydia Forson tweet

Lawyer Sandra Ankobiah also called for the President to show the Nigerian youth some empathy amid the brutalities.

Sandra Ankobia tweet
Sandra Ankobia tweet

Known for her knack for political issues, Yvonne Nelson questioned the role of the African Union and ECOWAS and why they haven’t acted already.

Yvonne Nelson tweet
Yvonne Nelson tweet

Pointing to the fact that he is the Chairman of the ECOWAS, some blame has been apportioned to Nana Addo for going quiet at a time when the international diplomatic bodies should act.

Many have bashed international organizations like the AU and ECOWAS as well as leaders and influential people in Africa for being mere onlookers as such injustices are being committed against the people of Nigeria.

Yvonne Nelson retweeted a fan’s tweet explaining her earlier post.

The user by name Daasebre Qofy claimed that if Akuffo Addo was such a great activist like he parades himself to be, he would have already passed a comment about the horror and called Buhari to order.

In a quick response, rapper Medikal jumped to the President’s defence stating that a tweet may not be as important right now as Akuffo may be taking action behind the scenes.

According to him, many are attacking the President for someone else’s incompetencies.

Medikal expressed that the horrific happenings in Nigeria right now were not Akuffo Addo’s fault and so celebrities and the public should tone down on the criticism.

However, tweeps have also asserted that the President’s silence is misleading and him coming out in favour of the ENDSARS movement would put to bed any doubts about him condoning the injustice.