WATCH: Boy shows off impressive skills by juggling football while skipping

A nine-year-old Chinese boy showed off his impressive soccer skills by juggling a football while skipping.

The clips were filmed in Beijing on April 26, June 21 and July 4.

In the video, the boy named Yi Bingcheng juggled a ball 40 times while jumping over a rope, which broke his best record.

With a little bit of practice and determination, Bingcheng could someday challenge unofficial world record holder Pete Nestler, a professional rope jumper who in August 2013 managed to complete 104 skips while juggling a football in Juneau, Alaska. 

Nestler lost the ball 44 seconds in and his feat was not recognised by Guinness World Records.

Bingcheng and Nester have managed to skillfully combine two disciplines which each have impressive records in their own right.

Iranian Mehdi Hob Darvish set the world record for juggling a football with his feet for 30 hours straight in 2013, while Japanese professional rope skipper Hijiki Ikuyama holds the record for the most skips in over 24 hours. In August 2018 he achieved an astonishing 151 409 skips!

* The video was provided by local media with permission.