Lover hidden in wardrobe sparks two police callouts

Bremerhaven, Germany – A male lover hidden in a wardrobe caused two police interventions in the northern German port city of Bremerhaven.

A 38-year-old woman was determined that her partner should not discover the man hidden in the wardrobe "at any price," a police spokesman said on Monday. She would rather have been arrested than found out, he said.

She took the new man back with her at the weekend. When her partner came home on Sunday morning, she started a screaming match with him while the lover hid. Concerned neighbours called the police.

As police officers tried to calm the couple down, they became more enraged and lashed out at the police, leading to their arrest.

Shortly after that, police were called again as the man who had been hiding in the wardrobe could not get out of the locked flat and had called some friends who tried to kick the front door in.