Weed is the healing of a nation; I plan on cultivating it on large scale- Rapper claims

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An artiste who goes by the name Blaq Syrup has stated in an interview with Zionfelix that if given the opportunity he wants to produce weed on a large scale.

Blaq Syrup refused to be identified with any genre of music because his supposed versatility makes it impossible to put him in a music box.

The artiste in dreadlocks and spotting a number of tattoos added that cannabis, also known as weed, is the healing of a nation.

In his candid opinion, thoughts of weed as an illicit drug is a misconception since the herb has numerous health benefits to the body.

He was quoted as saying, “ I smoked around 5 am today before coming for the interview. You wake up to a brighter day when you are on it. It has some health benefits. It’s good for meditation and helps you stay conscious.”

Blaq syrup, in response to what his thoughts were on the legalization of weed in Ghana only for health purposes, said that it was a good move.

“When you abuse it that is when it becomes a problem. Aside from smoking it, I use it in my tea with a bit of honey daily and it’s very healthy” he said.

Again, he disclosed that if cannabis was legalized entirely he would cultivate it on a large scale and make it a business.