I slept under the Kaneshie Bridge for three weeks because I didn’t have a place to sleep – Medikal

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AMG rapper Medikal has revealed in an interview that life became so hard for him some time ago that he had to sleep under the Kaneshie Bridge for three weeks because he didn’t have a place to sleep.

“At a point, money to buy Gari and Sugar was even difficult, had to sell phones at Circle and slept under the Kaneshie Bridge for weeks,” Medikal told Kwaku Manu on the Aggressive Show.

The successful rapper and entrepreneur in his reminisce about his bitter past life experience said during the times he had nothing to eat, no where to sleep and no money, his mother who was his solid rock also was facing a serious crisis.

She couldn’t help him either. As a man, he had to hustle hard and make sure he gets money at all cost and make ends meet so as to cater for himself and family especially her mother because he loves her.


Medikal also revealed that Criss Waddle was his messiah. He held his hands and gave him the opportunity by introducing him to the world to shine in the music scene. AMG Medikal was very grateful.

From his story, it clearly teaches us that nothing is accomplished easily. Hustle hard. be self-motivated and focus on the goal. Success is assured.