Keche Andrew Shows How Madly, He Is In Love With His Wife, Joanna Cudjoe » ™

Love the say is a beautiful thing, and also written in the bible that he who finds wife, finds a good thing hence not surprising how Keche Andrew is happy with his wife.

The two have been faced with a lot of criticisms regarding their marriage because many thought it was not love but because of money.

Despite all these the two have kept going and going and once again, Keche Andrew has reassured his wife the love he has for her.

In an Instagram post, Keche Andrew poured out his heart to his wife Joanna Cudjoe, expressing his love for her one more time.

He wrote, “With You Time Stand’s Still…, No Matter How Big The Negative Is….. You Make It Look Small…… i don’t think it was a mistake we crossed paths…….. I think it was ordained ……hi 5 CEO……… 🍷”

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