UK born lady followed her boyfriend to Ghana after he was deported

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A UK born lady with her deportee boyfriend who has Ghanaian roots explained in an interview how their lives have taken a positive turn after deciding to move to Ghana.

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The lady born and bred in the UK took what many will consider a “fool’s” decision to follow her deportee boyfriend to Ghana for a fresh start.

According to her boyfriend who goes by the name E, he in the company of a friend was caught in possession of drugs in the glove department of a vehicle he claimed was not his.

Also, he explained that a phone that was found in the same vehicle had messages pointing to drug dealing conversations he had no hand in. E gave this account on a blog run by the couple on youtube named Manka&E vlogs.

He added that, after being granted bail on his initial arrest, he was arrested again at a hotel with the same friend with drugs and sentenced to a five year jail time after a trial in court and deported to Italy where he was officially born.

E asserted that he admits that he was involved in a lot of things in the past that he is not proud of but moving to Ghana after being deported gave him a much needed new beginning.

The couple who seemed to be having a time of their lives after only 6 months in Ghana explained that the entrepreneurial spirit in most Ghanaians coupled with the various untapped opportunities makes Ghana and Africa the best place to start afresh.

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The lady named Manka Ndah stated categorically that life in an already developed environment like the UK gave little room for innovation unlike in Africa.

She said, “I wish I moved to Ghana earlier. I don’t know about you E”. “Moving to Ghana with E, my friends told me I was crazy because I was leaving the life I had built in the UK behind and some said if it was true love we could deal with the distance”.

The couple now owns their own home in Ghana as Manka expects to hit the ground running with her hair and beauty business as restrictions instituted due to COVID-19 have been eased.


The love story of this couple is indeed very inspiring.