Serwaa Amihere Gives The Funniest And Craziest Reason For Her Applying Make Always » ™

Screen goddess and journalist Serwaa Amihere has given a funny and crazy reason for always applying make up even when she is off set.

It is obvious that presenters always get a make up before going on set, but most leave it there and don’t take it home but not in the case of newscaster Serwaa Amihere.

A video posted by the host of Duvet, Ms Nancy shows Serwaa still doing make up even after work as she gets ready to go home.

When asked why she was still applying make up at that time, Serwaa Amihere laughed and said if she doesn’t do it people don’t see she is the one.

Judging from the video she said that on a lighter note as Ms Nancy herself was trying to tease her just like a normal office play.

video below;


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