My Husband Is More Than An Angel On Earth

Joana Cudjoe, wife of singer Keche Andrew has come out to defend her husband after the recent viral video where a lady was seen cursing him.

Not long ago, a video went viral where a lady was seen cursing Keche Andrew for allegedly allowing her nude photo to go out because he was the only one he sent such things.

The lady did another video where she narrated how Keche Andrew broke her heart and went in for business mogul and female millionaire, Joana Cudjoe.

Till now the musician has not come out to say anything about the issue, as to whether it is true or they are based on false accusations.

However, wife of Keche Andrew has made post defending her husband and calling him an angel on earth and asking people to stop the hate.

She wrote, “Stop the hate …my husband is more than an angel 👼 on earth 🌍

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