Keche Andrew Wife Turns Deaf Ears To Husbands Allegations Says He’s Angel On Earth

The wife of Andrew Keche, Joana Cudjoe has reacted to the series of allegations leveled against her husband.

A lady supposed to be the ex-lover of Andrew popped up not long ago to curse him for leaking his nude graphics on social media after dumping her to marry someone else.

Well, people might be wondering what his wife will do upon seeing the allegations online in which the lady cursed Andrew and also granted an interview that she has invested in him.

Joana has posted a video on her Instagram page in which the content has two females talking about how bad one’s husband is.

The footage content seems to be her reaction to the whole allegations and the caption was just straight to the hater.

He wrote “Stop the hate…. My husband is more than an angel on earth.

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