Difference between ashawo, hookup & friends with benefit finally explained

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Prostitution is prostitution and has always been like that until the emergence of technology and everything changed.

Society has found a way of hiding the fact that prostitution is prostitution now. Many names have come up to minimize the truth. Such names include hook up, friends with benefit, and many other ridiculous such names.

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It has always been difficult to differentiate between prostitution, hookup which is now the most popular form and finally friends with benefits.

Well, a popular Slay Queen who is deep into these practices has finally opened and explained what each really means.

Ama Richest in a recent interview has had given an explanation to these things which has got the world spinning now.

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She claims Hookup is not really similar to prostitution as many people believe. It’s more like Friends with Benefit.

She claims it’s about someone who is your friend having sex with you and paying you as well for the service.

The hook up resembles friends with benefits because you meet online and get to know each like real friends before you get the game going.

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Listen to Ama Richest below

In the end, it’s all prostitution which has been normalized and accepted by society.