Trump Plays Golf Amid Covid19 Crisis In US

Most Presidents around the world are perhaps desperately finding ways to contain the coronavirus pandemic in their respective countries.

Many hobbies have apparently hurt due to restrictions that came with the outbreak of coronavirus, as the world races to end the pandemic.

But US President, Donald Trump’s golf game is an exception as it doesn’t seem to be hurt in the midst of global health chaos.

Local media reports in America cite U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham as revealing that Mr Trump went out playing golf over the weekend, reporting shooting a 74.

African Entertainment understands that a 74 is a terrain for a professional golfer.

With most amateur golfers are believed to mostly face tough time breaking 100, Graham reportedly observed that Trump’s swing is in top shape at the moment.

Graham had told the press that President Trump dominated their match played at Trump’s National Golf Club in Virginia over the weekend.

The US has recorded about 2.74 million coronavirus cases and 130,000 deaths since the outbreak of the virus.

Mr Trump has been accused of failing to play the lead role in getting every American or person resident in America to wear a face mask to prevent the spread of the virus, as he has reportedly failed to wear a face mask or ensure social distancing at his campaign rallies.

By Melvin Tarlue