Sometimes I Get Comments From Gays Telling Me I Have Beautiful Legs

Fashionista and Baby daddy of Nana Aba Anamoah, Richard Brown, popularly known as Osebo (tiger) says sometimes he gets comments from guys telling him he has beautiful legs.

According to Osebo, how can a guy tells another guy that he has beautiful legs, and so he blocks those people onetime. In an interview with Graphic , Osebo said,

Anytime, I post a picture on my Facebook, Instagram or Twitter pages, I sometimes get comments from gays telling me I have beautiful legs. I easily notice them and block them immediately. How can a guy tell another guy he has nice legs and that he wants to be a close friend? I don’t tolerate such comments”

Osebo disclosed that critics should keep the insults coming because he won’t stop wearing the Skirts. He said,

I am not moved by the insults because I know what I am about. I want to tell those insulting me to stop wasting their time because I am a focused person and I know where I am heading to. As for the insults they come in their numbers but that is not going to stop me. My name is Osebo (a tiger) meaning I am strong and not easily broken.”