Imany fires warning to mainstream artists who are into song theft

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Imany, an upcoming artiste who reported Mr. Drew for putting out a song originally composed by Rotimi, an American based Nigerian artiste, has hit back at fans who called him a snitch.

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Mr. Drew has been trending on social media these past few days after trolls went after him for been involved in another song theft case.

The video to his song ”Eat” was taken down by YouTube after Rotimi’s record label, EMPIRE made copyright infringement claims against him.

Highly spiritual, Mr. Drew’s record label in a press release, stated that the artist in no way sort to steal Rotimi’s work and that the song was just a cover.

Also stated in the communique was the fact that Mr. Drew and Rotimi were friendly and that both labels struggled to reach an understanding prior to the song’s release and that led to the song being taken down.

New developments regarding the issue revealed it was an upcoming Ghanaian artiste by name Imany, who told on Mr. Drew.

Imany who also claims to be online friends with Rotimi revealed in an interview with Sammy Kay that Highly Spiritual were lying about contacting Rotimi’s record label, EMPIRE.

Apparently, Imany upon seeing Mr. Drew’s video on Youtube cautioned him to take it down because it was wrong to monetize a sampled version of someone’s song without due permission.

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According to Imany, Mr. Drew insulted him and blocked him on Instagram after seeing his post. This he claims infuriated him and caused him to reach out to Rotimi.

Imany revealed that a mainstream artiste had taken advantage of his desperation to get a feature from him and stole his song in similar fashion.


He said that he does not regret his decision to snitch on Mr. Drew and fired a warning to all mainstream artists who take advantage of upcoming ones by stealing their work.