‘I’ve Been Married For 5 Years & I Have Never Attained Orgasm Before So I Use VIBRATORS’

Wife of Ghanaian musician, Chiormaster, Beverly Afaglo has made one interesting revelation about her sexual life with her husband.

In a recent radio submission on 3FM, the actress revealed that she has been married for five years and she doesn’t remember if she has ever achieved orgasm before.

According to Beverly Afaglo, said orgasm is a very hard thing for most women to attain adding that she uses vibrators which helps her to attain orgasm.

In her submission, she said;

“So truth is, I was exposed, very exposed before marriage but my husband didn’t know. I had to present “the good girl” attitude throughout the courtship period and now marriage. We have been married for 5years and I don’t remember having orgasm even one time.”