Dr. Armah Launches Insurance Scheme For Kwesimintsim Delegates

Dr. Armah (right) handing over the insurance policy to one of the delegates.

One of the candidates in the 2020 New Patriotic Party (NPP) parliamentary primaries in Kwesimintsim constituency, Dr Prince Hamid Armah, has launched a life insurance scheme for delegates.

The Dr Armah Kwesimintsim Delegates’ Life Insurance Scheme is purposed to provide insurance cover for polling station executives and electoral area coordinators in the constituency.

In all, some 361 polling station executives and eight electoral area coordinators will benefit from the scheme.

Explaining the rationale behind the scheme, Dr Armah said as a long time party activist, he was aware of the risks faced by grassroots officials, who form the core of the party and without whose efforts the party would cease to exist.

The scheme, he said, would reduce the burden on activists for out-of-pocket payments for accidents, critical illnesses and other health emergencies.

He added that he was keen to see the policy institutionalised in the constituency and emulated around the country to protect the party’s most important resources – its grassroots activists.

The Scheme is underwritten by Enterprise Life the biggest life assurance company in the country and covers life, funeral, critical illness as well as Covid-19 related deaths, among others, for the polling station and electoral area executives and their immediate families.

The current policy is valid for one year, the longest period possible and Dr Armah has committed to working towards its institutionalisation in the constituency for current and future polling station executives.

By Jamila Akweley Okertchiri