Black CNN Reporter And Camera Men Arrested Live On Tv Whilst Reporting The Protest In Minneapolis

Minnesota state police did the most unthinkable thing by arresting a black CNN reporter, Omar Jimenez and his camera crew while reporting the protest in the state of Minneapolis.

This is the next shocking thing to be seen on Tv after George Floyd was killed live on camera by a police officer. Without any warrant or reason, the reporter was arrested in full glare of millions of people watching live the unrest in the state.

While on set, the black reporter Omar Jimenez was heard telling the police “We can move back to where you like,” before telling of his credentials. Continuing his speech, Omar was heard live on tv giving updates on the situation as tempers rise within the area.

“This is among the state patrol unit that was advancing up the street, seeing and scattering the protesters at that point for people to clear the area. And so we walked away,”

… This is the last thing he said before he was approached by a police officer and arrested him for no reason.

“Why am I under arrest, sir?” He asked but was not answered .

The crew were handcuffed by the police and whisked away by the police. The news outlet is convinced that the reporter was arrested based on his race as other journalist covering the news were not arrested.

Reports later came in that the reporter and his camera men have been set free.

Watch video below: